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Originally Posted by In Omnibus View Post
I'd respectfully request you not make assumptions as to what I do or do not know about server management or anything else.
Why not?

You show very openly your "knowledge", you make very wrong statements and now, when I make arguments that contradict your false and untrue statements, I should stop pointing out how wrong and untrue you are?

Sorry, you obviously think you know more than you actually do.

Also, thing is, you claim things that may scare some people with less knowledge into thinking you're right and your statements true.

If people want to have vB3/4 forums for years to come, they can. There's way to do that. Now and for 50, 100, and even 150 years even, if there would be people wanting to do something like that.

Making such outrages claims that having VPS is something too expensive, or that requires "too much knowledge" is just along lines of how much you yourself don't know.

So, if you're so bald to make such false statements, expect that there's someone who will right these wrongs. As I did.

And, learn something about servers man, will come in handy even to you...