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Originally Posted by TheLastSuperman View Post
Glenn is simply a ROCK STAR vB5 mod-wise in my book, my definition meaning he's committed!

The DBTech statement might be untrue in a sense, I don't know though as I don't read any publications by them anymore after the indictments and them being brought up on charges hence why if you didn't know of this then you wouldn't consider that when making that statement, I would go further into that but you can use Google to learn of that if you feel the need - there will be no discussion of those events (specific details) on this forum other than my tidbit of info just now provided which is intended to allow you to know of something that occurred, to research if you see fit and make your own judgment/assumption on the matter. Alternatively it could be due to Xenforo having a paid mod area, developers who can post there and the simple lack of that here on the org i.e. what I mean is on vBulletin they didn't have as much competition as they do on Xenforo modification and plugin-wise but I'm unsure of IPB currently or rather Invision Community so I can't even comment there.
I'm taking the liberty of assuming you're referring to the child pornography cases against both Iain and Fillip. While that's a good reason not to do business with them they abandoned their vBulletin customers prior to those charges. I'm not going to ask if they abandoned their customers before or after they became paedophiles since apparently at least some of the material they possessed was dating back to 2007.

Quite frankly I think more people should be aware of this because they would see a lot less business if people knew about it.