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Originally Posted by Parture View Post
In post #6 I said, "When I click on my logo I want the Forum tab to start up as it does from the install of 4.0 and not go immediately to the Nav Link. Then I want to go to my Nav Link tab when I click on it with its menu without getting jumped around and without any of the above mentioned problems."

Basically, just like you would expect any link to work with sublinks and drop down box like the other tabs work. Pretty simple.
And what is the link that your logo goes to? I have no clue. So, I can't suggest what to put in place of link.php, since you have't posted the link. I also can't suggest what to use for 'yourpage' since I don't know what page it is. I need *details*. If I only get general information from you, I can only give you general information back.
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