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Originally Posted by Hostboard View Post
Would it be possible to have the iframe/links appear in only select forums? This way a forum about product X could show links for only that item, while the forum for product Y would only see their links?
Well anything pretty much is possible but I don't intend to add that feature- the quick links were an afterthought - just something so people could have some links out of the box. My intent was for users to manage links themselves using either a proper link manager or their own template edits- in either of those cases control over specific forums would/should be easy.

Originally Posted by CaneInsider View Post
How safe is this mod? Typically iFrames are very dangerous to use correct?
The mod is as safe as the IFRAMEs you link to. Do not link to untrusted sources and there shouldn't be a problem.

The mod does have an option to view the IFRAMEs in security mode but that is something only Internet Explorer supports so it is of little practical value.
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