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Update: Version 3.0
  • Encoding of posts is greatly improved so that code within the various code block elements and special characters displays correctly.
  • Inline attached images now display as images rather than as links to the images.
  • Plugins have been condensed and cleaned up.
  • Additional settings added to give more control over the appearance of the elements.
  • Post usernames are shown using their HTML markup and link to their profile pages.
  • The total posts returned is shown in the block header.
  • A post counter is shown in the post headers and links to the posts, which will open in a new tab.
  • The "newreply" and "editpost templates are no longer replaced, but rather dynamically edited to include a custom hook at which to add the new elements. This way any changes to these templates will be effective and there is no longer the need to store two sizable and largely redundant templates.

This is a major update!
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