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Originally Posted by BadgerDog View Post
Installed.. beautiful and very functional add-on for our 4.13PL8 forums...

Thanks MarkFL ... appreciate your work ..


Edit: I think I spoke too soon .. there seems to be a cosmetic issue with our forums, even with default style...

In editing a post, the header line with username seems misaligned and with using REPLY to a thread with a number of posts, the date/time the post was made, a quote button and a post counter are missing. There is a small graphic artifact appearing in the general area where it would be (see attached)
Hello Doug,

I would have to come to your site as an admin to troubleshoot this issue, because I have not encountered it on any of the sites on which I have installed it. The earliest version of vB I have done so is 4.2.1, so it might not be quite compatible with vB 4.1.x.

So, if you want, please send me (via PM) the login credentials for a temporary admin account and I will see if I can fix it.
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