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Originally Posted by BadgerDog View Post

In order to save my old brain a lot of time and possible mistakes, could you copy the text versions of the code you show in your graphic pic of your mod into a post here?

Thanks .. appreciate it..

The CSS you see in the screenshot is just what I used for the screenshots. It is not meant to be a part of the product itself. I just used it so the screenshots would be pretty. It is nearly identical to the HTML/CSS badges I designed for the site I help admin, and I would rather not make them available to the public, as I want them to be somewhat unique to that site.

It is up to you to design your own badges to fit your site...the same knowledge required to use vBulletin's intrinsic "Ranks Manager" is also required for this product. This product just allows you to assign such badges to individual users without having to create usergroups for those users.
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