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Originally Posted by BadgerDog View Post
Thank you Stratis ..

This makes the mod very useful to non coders... appreciate it..

How would I make the background a nice shade of blue instead of red?


Edit: As soon as more then 1 username is added to the list, the rank stops showing up in forums. If you just use a single username, it works for that user. (see attached)
Where you see this symbol # in front, like this #D42121 are all colors, change as you like.

*Confirmed that when include a second user for me it shows the second user, assume that if I put 3 user it will show the third only.

*And something else, is there a way to have an option to hide for visitors or to show which usergroup we want.


EDIT: In profile text is under, maybe this is my fault?
Same time in postbit is ok.

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