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Originally Posted by Mark.B View Post
Just a little history lesson for anyone interested.
Strange, I'm pretty sure I paid for vB4 to be able to download updates (of course, within vB4 branch, not any type of update) "indefinitely". I'm pretty sure I can log in to members area and download latest vB4 version.

Not sure how it was called exactly.

I'm checking and here's what it say in members area:

vBulletin 4.x Publishing Suite
And I can download vB4.2.5

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Originally Posted by In Omnibus View Post
Meanwhile, this site does virtually nothing for customers of the product they do currently sell. So, why should they keep it up and running? You tell me.
I'm pretty sure that there are people still who buy vB5 (as they can buy only that version) and actually download and use vB3 or vB4. If they close this site, their sales will drop dramatically.

And not only that, but some people who use vB3 and/or vB4 will sooner switch to other platforms (think xenforo) then later. Which basically will mean that there's even smaller number of forums who uses vB. Number of sites who use that software platform is for company that makes that software also something of value.

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