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Originally Posted by bbqchef33 View Post
anything folks?? same problem for months since we went with SSL. all links are white screens. Changed everything to https and ?rel=0 with no luck. Ive run out of ideas.
Have you tried posting new videos, do those work?

I have no idea why &rel=0 would do anything at all.

However AME caches its parsed code so if you don't re-edit an old post any changes you make to the replacement code isn't going to be noticeable on posts you've already viewed. If it works for new posts then there is a tool (link) I believe in the AME section of the Admin CP to clear the cache. But I would backup before using it, I've had issues with it before.

For the record I went to SSL (using the older version of this mod) without any issue but I had updated the code to use SSL years before I put an SSL cert on my board.
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