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Server Move

i need to move a vb site w/ a gallery2 embeded install. im currently hosted w/ bluehost and trying to move to a dedicated.

i have is the gallery2 install that has over 15000 images and there is alot of files. the databases are fairly small.

the problem im having is in cpanel the full backup to move servers isnt working. it stops at like 3mgs and it packs up in about 5 min. its not even close to what it should be. ive called bluehost 5x and none of can tell me why it wont work. i tried ftp the files and restoring the databases. the ftp method takes days and was corupt but w/ shell the db moved no problem.

the only thing that seems to work is downloading a weekly backup to my computer from cpanel. can i restore a weekly back up from another cpanel server in whm on the new dedicated? both cpanels look like same version. or does anyone have any other ideas on how to move this w/o bluehost?

so to sum everthing up i have cpanel acces w/ the full cpanel back up not working on old server and root acces w/ whm on new dedicated im trying to move to. ssh on both
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