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Originally Posted by TheLastSuperman View Post
You may not think this, many wouldn't but even I have been banned on a site before! Ohh tis true but I blame it on the Red Kryptonite!!!

Is it the end of the world? No
Were they right to ban you? Maybe
Does it really matter? No however you may deem it the "point of the matter" trying to justify/make sense of it.

Chalk it up to either oversight, misunderstanding, or simple lack-there-of. Long story short some folks will never see eye-to-eye but we should overlook opinions and focus on facts. Also you may realize this better than many but the ESL language "gap" in a sense doesn't help when things like this occur - your message or post may have simply been misinterpreted!
Hi there, We shared views here..
I was not angry etc. to post about same on, but I joined the same site here from, I remember one of old lady from she was very very intelligent at her age..

This is the first site which banned me. (10000s of others i am alive)
(but I have not mentioned same in title of this topic, but tags only, only people interested in old members or topics, might come across same).

I know you search for single site, you find billion alternatives today, but there are some personal attachments with passion..
This topic is only here never else, didn't even send an email to authority site..
(why abuse GREAT SENIORS WHO DIRECTED US WAY FOR GROWTH, with them we learnt to Crawl/Walk and Grow).

Nothing more to say brother.

I am changing some tags from my first topic.. Kindly help

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