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Originally Posted by OldSchoolDSL View Post
I maybe missing the point....

I had hoped that this saved "custom edits"

More then often, when we update vBulletin... All our little "tweaks" need to be re-applied. I'd like to see a mod which would save those "tweaks" and then at a click of a button... Re-apply them.
Well it does... thing is your thinking about it in a different way is all... it saves the entire template not one or two single edits or multiple for that matter as it can't distinguish. Even the built in comparison tool can only distinguish between old and new code so much. That would be truly ideal but based on how it all works atm it's not possible. I agree that would be simply lovely and make everyone jump and cheer but some things require manual editing on occasion and after an upgrade some templates could require updating it truly depends on your style and how much you have customized.

So I guess in short I could have said, no it's not what your thinking of lol but wanted to clarify some of the reasons per say .

Edit: Basically to sum it up, it's a template import/export system meaning instead of entire styles you can target single or multiple templates and do many useful things.
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