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Originally Posted by rcull View Post
I followed the link to threadloom from above. It took me to a page where I entered the required info and it said it would send me a confirmation email. It didn't.

It did take me to a page which was a dead end. I go back now and it allows me to sign in and go to the same page without a password.

I went to the threadloom site and signed up. It accepted the same info I submitted in the link page which was issued by info.threadloom. It did send a confirmation email.

I go find my way to "My forums". I get down to "Select product and the "Newsletter" button does not check, nor do any of the others. So I cannot progress from there.

Hi @rcull - I'm sorry for the trouble you had signing up. I'm looking into the issues you mentioned. In the meantime, we did receive your interest form entry and your account signup. I just sent you an email to help you get Newsletter setup.
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