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Originally Posted by furnival View Post
Hello, I am very interested in this product. I have a forum with a VIP members' area. I would ideally want to send out two email newsletters: one newsletter to the basic usergroup which did not have access to the members' area, only linking to posts outside the VIP members' area. And secondly another newsletter, sent to the VIP members usergroup, which linked to threads both outside and inside the members' area. Is this possible please?
Hi @furnival - thanks for your interest. Currently Newsletter is only configured to send out one set of posts with each iteration. But we're adding multi-edition support that could address your need. I'll reach out on PM to discuss.

Originally Posted by rcull View Post
My site has been indexed. I looking at the "Setup". I wanted to try some tests using only the admin user group, but it seems to want to charge $10.00 per month for 6 test emails to my admin address'. Maybe threadloom is a bit much for my site as the most newsletters I ever send is 7-800

I don't understand why the header image is supposed to be a minimum of 1200 x 150 pixels. May if I could test it I would understand better.
Hi @rcull - we can put your account in a preview state so you won't be charged right away. I'll follow up with you to discuss your needs.
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