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This is really a beautiful product and deserves more attention. I do have a couple of questions. I set up my newsletter and the first one was sent out. I am a little confused as to who to expect to receive the emails though? I selected usergroups to receive it. But I also see you all have a 'list builder' feature. I formatted the list builder pop up and it has started showing up on the site. I am not sure whether the newsletter only goes out to those who have 'opted in' via that list builder pop-up, or if it goes out to all registered site members based on the usergroup selections I made? Or am I supposed to choose one option or the other? I would appreciate info to those areas of confusion. The newsletter really is clean, relevant, and beautifully formatted. Kudos! We are users of your Threadloom search tool and both products are the best we have seen.

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