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Thank you for the kind words, we also think it's a beautiful product, being used on over 1000+ forums currently, and we'd love to connect with more. Our best referral is from admins like yourself.

When we first start a newsletter, we do what is called a ramp-up process. We gradually send to your most active users so that services like Gmail, Bing, and Yahoo will recognize that the sending is legitimate versus SPAM. This warming up process is beneficial to forums, especially those older than 10 years and so on.

Example, say you have a 25,000 member forum. We would send the first newsletter to 500 users. The next newsletter would go to 2,000 as long as no red flags are raised, and so on until we reach the full member list. You do have options to limit cost, to only send to members active in the last X number of days (this feature is set by the admin in the Threadloom dashboard). One of the biggest unseen features is we monitor bounces, and blocks so if you are blocked by a security system, we work behind the scenes to recognize the issue and get you unblocked.

List Builder compliments Threadloom's Newsletter as it adds fresh addresses to your forum list that are not already on your forum user list. You send to these as well as your forum users.

If you have any other questions, please let me know.

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