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Originally Posted by SKNY
Also Iím using PHP Version 5.1.2/MySQL 5.0.18, does that create an issue, also does this system have any special requirements?
Sorry for my question but I've never seen someone who got TS2 working with MySQL 5

Have you done the following:
1. Test teamspeak alone without the hack, meaning creating a user and connect to the ts server
2. Checked the ts2 server.log file
3. Updated the .sql files so that ts2 really works with teamspeak
4. Changed the password hashing for the mysql server.

TS2 is running with mysql if you use the old mysql 3.x libraries. Newer libraries use another password hashing. For the teamspeak db you have to change this hashing method manually.

All 5 points have nothing to do with the hack here. These are things you have to check and do BEFORE you try this hack
Ciao jluerken
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