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Question Why not?

Originally Posted by Marco van Herwaarden View Post
Requests for paid services can only be made by members who own a vBulletin license.

Transfer from SMF should not be a problem, as this is supported by the official import tools ImpEx. For more information on ImpEx, please post on the official company website at

Hi Marco,
Thanks for your reply.
This however leaves me hanging.

Of course i have already looked at impex and that seems like a good start.
The point is that i have a fairly customized SMF installation with loads of extra data which i want loaded into vBulletin (f.i. coppermine data and profile comments)

Before i decide to switch to vB i would like to know if it is possible to migrate all that data and what the costs are. Our site has 200.000 unique visitors, 4 million posts, 70.000 images and 80.000 profile comments which all need to be converted.
If i don't transfer that data i will lose a lot of members and traffic which is notg an option of course. Also the URL's of the current forum would need to be redirected to the vB URL structure.

I think this is a normal pre-sales question. I am willing to pay for anything, but i would like to know what i am getting in to before i do. That is only fair, isn't it?

I am also reviewing vB for another big project i am working on a customer for and so far i am really impressed by vB (and always have been).

I find it very strange that we can only ask for (estimates and offers) payed services after you bought the license. Why is that? What is the point in that? To me it doesn't make sense but maybe i am missing something.

Kind regards to all vB users and supporters
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