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Originally Posted by pzykotic
I just installed this on my forum and it blocked me. I'm using Optimum Online at home and a leased line from VERIO at work. No clue why both are blocked as proxies. Any thoughts?
If you can't log in to your forum, enter

define(DISABLE_HOOKS, 1);

to your config.php so you can disable the blocker while you're investigating...

Then check if that page says where you might be blacklisted (I just wrote a FAQ about the blacklist part).

You can also add your ip into the configuration under "Exclude from monitor". Then it won't block you.

It looks like there's a few problems with proxyblocking on admins. I'll take a look on some solutions on this. Maybe a function for "only look for logged in" users, so you have a chance to login before getting blocked.
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