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My techy's response...

Originally Posted by cl_out

Checking on logging in only wouldn't be good enough, especially if you tell your browser to "remember" to be logged in via cookies - you could even log in normally, then hop over to a proxy Checking whenever the user isn't a guest is good Of course, an option to only check when the user tries to post/PM/other database-changing function might be better than for every page request, but that's not important at the moment

I can always find out the answer to the error message question I asked by myself if we implement it, having access to multiple IP addresses simultaneously to post from I suppose the logging bit isn't that important right now either since I now noticed it says it caches IPs for a few hours, since we can then use an SQL query instead on the cache table, though it would be nice if with the IP it stored the username that attempted to connect from it in there as well
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