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I've passed that on to my techy again. He's constantly going on about how it should include usernames in the proxycache at the moment... don't know if that's something you can do?

On a sidenote, is there any way for me to do a check on an IP to see if it is really an open proxy? I know there are sites that will check my own PC, but I'm not sure if there are sites that allow me to check other people's IPs. This would help me be reasonable when dealing with people who have complained that they can no longer get in.

PS. I have to say, you're definitely one of the more helpful guys I've experienced at these kind of boards. Thanks for your continuing assistance!

EDIT: Here's the response from our techy after quoting you to him...

Originally Posted by cl_out
Yeah, I saw that post, but I thought that's how it worked anyway? I thought it checked if the user's IP is in the database, it uses that data. Then if the user hops to a proxy (or changes IP address because he's dynamic), obviously his IP will be different so I thought it would check again anyway? I didn't know it cached if the user was clean, then it remembers the user, regardless of his IP address.

I originally mentioned the possibility of the address changing in context of if you only checked when the user logs on rather than all the time like it currently does, which wouldn't be when you want to check anyway. When I asked about only checking for users logging on/are logged on, I should have made it clearer by saying we don't care to check guests (or spiders) if they're using a proxy or not, since they can't post anyway, hence only continuously checking actual users logged in
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