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Originally Posted by sweede View Post
Noxious: You can't add item enchants or socket data too itemstats codes. I'm sure that it may be possible, but currently it isnt (of course, i havent checked itemstats source in a long time).

Deepdog009 , care to share your changes? One thing that i did was instead of having a mouseover link (i.e. [itemname] ) , i changed it so that it pastes the HTML tooltip itself where ever you add the item bbcode ( )
Hey Sweede,,,

Sure no prob,,,

I posted here because I had the code, but I didn't want 2 post unless its ok with Gryphon...

Its a little different than this mod so I was going 2 release as add-on...

Gryphon Mod is outstanding,,, show yo love and support it folks

N-E ways PM me and I will give U more info...
Long vacation folks, back 2 dabble and doodle... *** Enjoy the Forums
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