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Originally Posted by Surviver View Post
Sorry, but this is one of the worst hacks i've ever seen.

In dependency on your settings it can happen that there are some houndret of queries per Page.

And for example, if you want to feature a video its not a solution to let the webmaster enter the html code. (That is one of the things i've seen) - If you want to feature a video there should be a button "Feature Video" or something similar. - There are many things I could criticize, this is only an example.

And i would not sell the ProVersion, becaus it has many security bugs. Before you sell such a product you should check for security, becaus i think your customers will not be happy if their sites get hacked.

Regards Surviver

PS: In my Optinion this script would be too expensive if the price would be 10 ....

In this message a coder says that there are security bugs in this mod and no answers from the devoloper of this mod. Now, how can i trust and install it to my site?
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