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Originally Posted by scubasteve3 View Post
Great style!

One thing I noticed. In the users profile, a lot of the text is white which makes it non-readable.
vBulletin profile customization issue, not related to this style directly more info here including possible fixes for your site:

Originally Posted by shzad1 View Post
Awesome Work Bro.....
Thanks to Sofia
I still miss her!

Originally Posted by jojojijijojo1 View Post
It looks so great can I please have a vb 4.0.7 version of this style? I would greatly appreciate that!
Unfortunately I no longer have a 4.0.7 board live and will only be releasing a 4.1.3 or 4.1.4 version here soon more than likely a 4.1.4 version. I do apologize for not initially keeping my word and releasing new version w/ each subsequent version of vBulletin I simply became busy at work and well - nuff' said .
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