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Zend Studio 5

Wow. It sucks a lot less than 3. What they've added:

1. Code folding (yes!).
2. PHP 5 support (not applicable for vB development; you need to assume a PHP 4 installation)
3. Other stuff that I'll probably never use and hence don't know about (they have SQL support but I use phpMyAdmin)

What's still wrong with it:

1. Bugs. My god, the bugs. It will lock up every now and then for no reason (I think the Java VM is garbage collecting but there's no way to tell). Folding breaks as you type code; it will expand everything below the caret once it detects a syntax error. Eclipse gets it right. It also visually (but thank god, not literally) deleted half the code in one of my classes due to a folding mishap. Reopening the file revealed it was still there.

2. Eclipse features missing: semicolon typethrough (type ; near the end of a line, and it will put it past the closing ], ), etc.).

3. Antialiasing. Nothing in the interface supports ClearType despite the support for it in Java.

I wish Zend would give up and make a huge plugin for Eclipse. It's designed specifically for this sort of thing.

I'm using it instead of Dreamweaver, now.
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