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Ive tried virtually every popular php editor out there, the best *un-buggy* is probably nusphere phpeditor, which supports about everything you can think of.. live error reporting, phpdoc, dbg debugging, profiling, folding, cvs/svn etc..

But I just think the editor is too... bulky like zend. If you want a good phpeditor that has about all the features you want and integrates into a stable platform I would suggest using phpeclipse which is an Eclipse plugin. Note: phpeclipse is made featurerich because it hooks off of eclipse which is pretty much infinitely expandable..

I can pretty much say without a doubt after going through 15 or so of the "Best" editors, phpeclipse is the best PHP IDE out there.

ps: Use the stable 1.7 branch for now, 1.8 will bring lots of features/fixes I hear..

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