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Originally Posted by jags2ooo View Post
Sure your not.. INferno techs rpg mod is nasty way too much crap.
I very much am not. I am a customer. I have looked several times on these forums for support, even had Var_Master send me files to patch my RPG Integration Hack.

Let's make this clear. Even if you disagree with the amount of things you can do with Inferno Tech's RPG, which is fine -- a functioning hack that gets support and works with vb 3.6x is worth at least taking a look at if you are on this specific sub-forum posting in a thread like this.

Again, you can look at the RPG installed on my own forums. Feel free to tell me it's crap, but do so after you've tested it. You may very well be thinking of 2.x from Inferno, not 3.0.
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