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Originally Posted by scottkoz20 View Post
what are your current settings?

Options -> XML Sitemap
Hello scottkoz...thanks for your reply...apologies for the delay replying (I'm usually much faster).

Here are my XML sitemap settings:

* Enable Automatic Sitemap Generation = Yes
* Automatic Sitemap Generation Frequency (Days) = 2
* Default Sitemap Priority = 0.5
* Automatic Sitemap Search Engine Submission = all boxes checked
* Sitemap File Path = ./store_sitemap
* URLs Per Page = 30000

Thanks for the help.

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Originally Posted by Seven Skins View Post
If guests can not see the forums, they will not show up in sitemap. Check if this is the case.
Thanks Seven Skins...I know what setting you're referring to. I've made that mistake in the past...where most of the forum content is not visible to guests. Lol

But if you were thinking of something (a setting)...that I may not be thinking of...please mention what that setting is...I'll check on it...and reply here with what I have.

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