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Originally Posted by Lynne View Post
He is either doing this by straight access to the database through phpMyAdmin, in which case looking at the access_logs will help you find exactly who is accessing that directory - use search in your text editor. Or he is going through your Admin Panel and must have admin access so you should look at your Administrator usergroup. And, as I said, you need to protect at least all three of those directories.
If this guy was in the DB he wouldn't need CPanel access as the DB is all he wants. If he had Admin CP access, he would lock everyone out until he gets what he wants. The clown is running a script somewhere that is toggling the site off and on. If this guy had any real access at all he would be showing what he could do. He wants the DB to get whatever settings he can so he can do some more scripts. If all he has done so far is toggle the site off and off then that is where he needs to be stopped. And no matter what he does, do NOT give him anything.
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