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Been working with this for a while and it suffers from one of the major failings of the previous version by Elricstorm. It doesn't cache the character data so that it can be reused across all events. All the information about race, gender, class, stats, professions and such does not belong in this table. It should be in the gwowroster_charinfo table or a gwowcharinfo table.

Then you can use a charid field to join that table with the event table. This means that every single page load of the different events can pull the information from the local database if it exists and not have to try and access the armory. Normalizing the database like this would lessen the impact on the armory and the local site while providing faster screen draws and access to the information.

I know you meant for the two addons to be completely separate but that doesn't mean data and resource management can't be smart. Aside from this one issue, it is a good upgrade to the other one. It gives me a better base to do what I want. I am currently rewriting the tables, character caching cron and retrieval plugins to manage data easier. I am also going code to handle non-guild members signing up for events and to have their information cached via cron as well. Once done, I can send you all the changes if you would like.
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