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Oop I forgot to mention there is a known bug. For some reason the phrases are not installed when you first install v2, you have to install v2 a second time over the top of the previous install. I am not sure why this is doing that if anyone has insight as to why this would be I would appreciate the information.

Regarding the errors, I will look into those tomorrow.

Also the create table button is no longer necessary, during install it creates a table in the vB database to store the plugins. The only reason why there was a manual create tables in v1 is that it required information that was only available after install.

It is currently installed in live use on two of my boards:

Apache v1.3.36
PHP 4.4.2
MySQL Version 4.0.27-standard

Apache v1.3.33
PHP 4.3.11
MySQL Version 4.0.27-standard

However, there should be nothing version specific in this hack. If there is, I am completely oblivious to the reason and I will need some direction to tell me where the problem could be.
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