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The easiest way would probably be to upgrade to vBulletin 5 since it has polls as a built-in function. The question is: Do you have any modifications or add ons you consider vital? There are a number of add ons for vB3.x and vB4.x that are not available for vB5.x

While I don't have any mods installed on my main customer site as of yet, I do prefer the visual look of vB3 and vB3/4 is a "consistent forums experience" for my end-users and staff since we're coming from an in-house solution vB3/4 isn't that much of a culture shock as some of my customers and staff rely on things remaining as close to same as possible. From vB3 to vB4 wouldn't be a huge jump and wouldn't cause many problems but going from either of those versions to 5 would cause so many issues. I had a customer who tried this same thing on a site for autistic people and their families and let's just say the fallout was bad and demands were coming in from all directions to "bring back the classic site". In my user base, the ability to tolerate change not a thing (at least not without a bunch of advanced notice and possibly re-training staff and end-users)...

I will admit not even our in-house solution had multi-poll and it was never added because it was never needed until I thought of it. the idea being say I have a thread about melons and the poll at the top would be 1) do you like melons? (yes/no), 2) if so which kind of melon do you like the most? (Watermelon/Cantaloupe/Honeydew) thus one unified poll rather than having to open up two or more threads and sending users on a goose chase to answer all the questions.

That other license I have I'm not sing is the one I'm really thinking about using this on but If I can figure it out on my hosting site that'd be a fun little extra feature
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