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Two concerns:

1 "Dont pretend you are someone else". I am going to start my forum in a week or so and planned on making like 50 screennames, start making threads and posts and stuff, and change the dates around to make the forum look like it's been around for a couple weeks. I would probably spend a few days on this. This way, people will join because it looks to be a relatively popular forum. No one wants to join a forum with onnly 3 other members

2. "Stay true with your ban and dont give any explanation when rebanning." I actually had a case some time ago when I was banned unfairly, but the mods followed this rule and did not listen to me when I had created another screenname and just rebanned me with no explanation. I can understand this if the user is obviously a troll. But always?

Other than that, great rules of thumb!
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