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Audio player

I'm sorry if I have missed it, but I wasnt able to find an answer to my question. What I want to do is have this player display on my board:

<div id='8D80E365D5E8'></div><script src='' type='text/javascript'></script><script type='text/javascript'>player.render('fileUrl= Santana - With Mike Francesa&artist=Mike Francesa&stationID=62&configFile=config.xml&buttonColor=grey&buttonOverColor=blu e&backgroundColor=#FFFFFF&guid=8D80E365D5E8');</script>

If it does not display you can see it here. Click on any of the interview titles on that page and the player will pop up with a few different audio players to play the interview.

This link is to the same type of file hosted on a different site. Now, I have seen them both around the internet right in message board posts, but my site doesnt have any [mp3] type tags. How can I display the players?

EDIT: I know this forum has HTML off but I have it on and i can display video using embedding hmtl codes but this audio player will not display
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