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Originally Posted by BillB1 View Post
Many thanks.
adding define('DISABLE_HOOKS', true); did the trick.
SEO mod was installed on vb3.8 , uninstalled it prior to upgrade.

I don't see .htaccess file, do I need one to solve the problem these weird characters (%C7%E4%C) in URL .
Apologies for the late reply (life!) but you would want to view hidden files, those may not always show depending on your settings, reference:

You may not be able to view the .htaccess file on the server if it's present, same with using a Mac (when you download the file, you can see it in the left pane of filezilla but until you rename it htaccess.txt it won't display initially).

The gist of this being, you want to test (make a copy of the file first) and remove any code that was included which helped the SEO mod you removed, function in a certain way i.e. a URL Rewrite (which is why those funky characters are still showing in the URLs). *If the SEO mod you removed was VBSEO by chance, you can use this guide to remove it:
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