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I switched hosting companies 2 days ago and had trouble importing my database backups, the database appeared but minus around 60 members and several hundred of my recent posts.

The hosting company is based in New York but i don't think the staff speak English as a first language as they seem to have great difficulty in understanding my support tickets and with providing me with an answer that makes sense!

After many support tickets back and forth i was told to FTP the .sql files and they would import them for me as the files were probably too large. I did this and the hosting people said they had imported them for me, i can now see my database correctly in phpmyadmin and it appears to have the correct number of members. The forum however when visited still was saying i had 60 members less and most posts were missing!

I contacted the hosting people once again and they told me 'From configuration end you please modify the database info then you can access your domain with out any problem.' As a complete novice to all this i have no idea what i am supposed to be doing. I would be so greatful if someonewould be able to point me in the right direction with this!

I had a friend look at the tickets last night and he edited one of the php files and told me to try the vbulletin installation again, i got halfway through the installation and was left with a blank white screen. I now cannot view my forum AT ALL, i just get the blank white screen. I have tried re-uploading all the vbulletin files etc and i still have the same problem. I have no idea how to fix this, so am appealing to you guys for some help! If anyone could even begin to point me in the right direction i would be forever in your debt!

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