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So I recently finally got around to setting up my site for SSL. Everything went fine, but my post icons are still loading with the old http:// URL and not the new https:// URL.
I have checked to make sure that the icons in the Post Icon Manager show the proper URL. (I've tried both relative path and full URL) and the forum still points to the old http.

I've set up the redirect in .htaccess as well, but doesn't seem to work on the icons.

I've checked it on the default VB4 style, and I get the same issue, so I don't think it's a style problem.

I've tried deleting the Post Icon and replacing it, still didn't fix it. I've tried deleting the image itself and somehow it still shows up on my browser (And I cleared cache on the browser and VB so I'm completely at a loss).

I've seen other people have this issue though it seems like simple changes fixed it, so I'm not sure why mine is acting up (other than a network cache problem?)

Any help would be appreciated.
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