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Originally Posted by gamebrink
I love you.

Would you consider adding an option that will rezise the image in the post and link it to the full size image?
You mean thumbnailing?

I've been thinking about it, actually it isn't that big job, but it's also a question of reputation; just 5 installs mean, it isn't that great plugin and needed only from a few forum holders, of course, the quality-over-quantity-oriented ones

I think if this plugin becomes more widely used, it also would become standard part of vBulletin itself, since it would be only a natural evolution of the actual attachments - dynamically attached items.

It is quite some time people are asking this feature at the official boards and sooner or later it will happen - only a question of time, and as far as I remember, was already working in some of the early beta versions of 3.0.x.

So generally spoken I don't mind to see deeper into the problem but will also wait a little, to see if this pugin becomes more used after the summer holidays
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