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Originally Posted by Jafo232 View Post
Should not affect Ajax at all.

If there is an issue with a conflicting function name in another plugin, just rename functions. As in the shoutbox example, you would open the plugin called Title_Replace and find any instances of this phrase:


Change that to a different name, example:

Huh, I have done that, changed two instances of convert_url_to_bbcode_callback_auto_title in Title-Replace.

Only thing I can do in Shoutbox is to erase all the shout withe the prune-command, and post a smiley! After that I try to post smileys, text etc, nothing happens.

It is possible to erase everything with prune-command and post a thing. After that nothing is happening when I try to post something more. Then I must erase again if I want to post a new thing, and so again...

I think that this mode is in conflict with a function from Shoutbox. When I'm posting a new message then Shoutbox display username instead of, and your mode is also trying to do the same thing. I'm I right?

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