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I have been a member here for awhile, but Maybe not so active recently. Maybe the place has changed. I will await to see if this was the case.


1. It was suggested that I post my request in the mod thread. I did but I had read the contributers post, and help wont be given. That said I am looking for permissions help with the activity stream, unrelated to what that mod does indepebdantly, but felt it may be relevant to my cause.

2. Your reply was to post in the paid request forum, which after reading your bright red siggy advertisement, suggests your motive in your reply.

This post here is in the right forum. I read the forum description.

So I am left to wonder, what part of my reply lacked objectivity. I will answer that. None of it.

I love my vb, and vb org always used to be a great resource and full of people that always offered help. Now I returned and I am met with this. I many times to my best abilities freely gave help and code when I was able. Look at my older posts.

Len, I appreciate you at least responding. But I am not new here and I most certainly do not need someone to hold my hand and push me through doors here. Thank you for showing me that vb org may not be what it was. I hope I am wrong. I wont be leaving anytime soon. I just miss the environment I was most expecting when I returned.

But thank you for attaching my request to negative stigma. I guess this thread is toast and done. You may now close it. I will likely meet my objectives and I will, once again, freely post it in the mod forum.

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