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Originally Posted by RichieBoy67 View Post
You need an ssl certificate and your site is not mobile friendly at least in terms of Google.

I would suggest addressing the ssl, the mobile issue and getting page load times down for starters. And like Matt said, you need more and better content and more social media presence. Not sure if you have a FB page, twitter, IG.. You should have all of them. Your page is under 2 mb. It should fly! Look at the report.. You can fix this easy, peasy!
Thanks for your wonderful comments..

I don't understand mobile friendly. it has mobile theme also..

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This is mobile friendly

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Originally Posted by Mattwhf View Post
You need to add more useful content for threads on your forum if you want to improve SEO for it. I opened some threads on your forum and they only have images.

- Need a better logo.
- Make your design into responsive design.

Hope that helped.
Thanks i will look into design a new better logo
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