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mySQL query error -- Highscores

Hello, this is a great mod and my members are lovin it..

I was hoping someone can help me with this SQL error I'm getting

My member complained that the scores are not updated for all games so I got in to the 'Arcade - Management' and ran 'Update Highscores' with no luck and got this SQL error:

mySQL query error: SELECT champ_gid, champ_mid, champ_score, champ_time FROM games_champs WHERE champ_gid IN (Array)

mySQL error: Unknown column 'Array' in 'where clause'
mySQL error code:
Date: Friday 08th of February 2008 09:36:30 PM

I am running vb 3.6.8 with ibProArcade v2.6.6+

Thank you for your time.