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Originally Posted by Inferno Dragon View Post
There is a similar mod available for vb4 as well:
Nah this thread is about replacing the existing status icons with replacement ones for each forum. That's adding an additional icon next to the forum description for each forum. So it is fairly similar but not a decent enough solution for me and I presume c.c.

And Yes I do agree c.c. that they could have incorporated it much easier. Ideally (imo) there should have been a default pattern for naming the files i.e. {forumid}_old.png or whatever. And then they could rid of the option per forum and at time of showing the forums they check whether the custom image exists if not it uses the template's default status icons.

That's kinda how I made our version of that plugin work. As I didn't like the fact that there was no icon at all if one didnt exist yet. I think I used a different one than the one you linked to but yeah. At the moment for this new version I'm planning to just use the vb system though as I'm trying to avoid using plugins where possible.
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