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In need of a bit of help.. PHP/MySQL related

I've hit a wall and I'm in need of a bit of help. I think it's in more in the way of PHP/SQL/JS,.. meaning I need to use those instead of vbulletin be able to do it. I think. First let me explain what I'm trying to do..

First off, I'm on a non-vbulletin page- I'm just to have a link that takes you to a 'email us' that is only clickable by your IP address twice every hour. I'm hosting an hourly contest allowing 2 entries per hour, but am having trouble on finding how to restrict the link after the 2 clicks. Also- members are not required to be logged in..

I would think I'd have to have a SQL table for IP compered to link? Record amount into table as well as time/date?
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