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Nah, not worried about emails too, and I think I'll change the "hidden" .php and make it sorta sporadic, update the html to repoint to it. (and so on.) but I don't think it will be needed once they can't click the button more then twice an hour from the same IP. All in all it's not tooo important as the prizes are virtual items to begin with , so yeah. But man- thanks for helpin me out... I'm not sure how to connect to the DB in the file or anything really man. I'm pretty new to SQL.

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I would assume to put some kind of check into the email form to make sure the user came from front page and didn't just go directly to the form? How would I go about that one?

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I'd say it would be best to make the form.php do the actual checks- (not the button itself?) so no email is sent if it's failed (or even be accessed by that IP until the hour is up),- then make it so you have to be referred from the front page to the form (so they can't just click the button), Users have no idea who's being mailed- just that it's the admin. And if they're willing to go through alllll that hassle for some free virtual items- I guess they earned it, ^.^.
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