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Lightbulb Help to create a "Module" petitions!

Hi, anyone knows how to create a module like the following image?

I not speak English!

Translation by Google:
That is part of the code originally scheduled for a hack mkportal, which serves to show the status of a radio station "shoutcast" (music, announcer, bitrate, Listers, etc). Which to me is to add interest a link or image that click to give me open a popup like that image, through which users (usergroups) that I may select their "petitions" to be programmed into the radio, but Usergroup only (11 = Locutores) may, by a simple click where it says "Pending" using ajax marking this request as "address" as shown in the picture above, ie all groups that espeficiquen can make requests, but only served as speakers may be marked, showing the nickname of the speaker that addressed how context, date, time, etc., as the image above.

A waiting for your help, thank you very much in advance

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