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Originally Posted by Eng.mohd.badawi View Post
Installation is not a problem it too easy, if you have no issue related with data base encoding and UTF8

For adsence I think both 3.x and 5x can show the ads, however for your thread ads issue did you tried automatic adsence ads, it supposed to be be working if you but their code in the head template
Yes, using Auto ads and added one Manual ad too but still same issue.

I was thinking why still i am able to see some pages ads and most of the pages no ads.

If 3 and 5 versions are same then i will be at 3 only till the time ads issue clear,

now back to ad issue, can you check my site and see if you are able to see ads in threads.

I have testing by going to my friends laptop he is able to see only in home page, subforums but when he open any threads then now ads. I am going mad
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