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Originally Posted by djbaxter View Post
No, it's not "besides the point". If anything, it's beside the point.
Well that's aside from the fact that my vocabulary senses weren't beside me. lol, Thank you baxter.

Originally Posted by Mike-D View Post
Simply amazing Tool Thank you, Giovanni => Installed

Originally Posted by FF|Skyrider View Post
Possible you can add a demo page?
Can someone link over a thread with an example? I'm testing on a client's website ATM, but it basically just resizes the image and allows you to click on 'em.

Originally Posted by n_only View Post
this only control the width, are there any hope to control image hight and with ?

I'll try and incorporate a max-height in there as well sometime, when I get a chance.

Originally Posted by Taragon View Post
Thanks, it's nice to have a well supported image-resizing mod again. Any chance album pictures will be included in future updates?
No problem! I'll probably be updating this with pm's and albums soon enough. Will keep you posted.

Originally Posted by erateinow View Post
works good (Maximum Width 900) thanks
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