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Originally Posted by initiald View Post
I did what's on the instrument.

First, unzip to my Computer desktop.
Open up the folder (files contain "semblance" folder, banner.psd, Semblance-Fixed.xml, Semblance-Fluid.xml, semblance-preview.jpg)

I put the files in the public_html/images/style/semblance -- which contain the banner.psd, Semblance-Fixed.xml, Semblance-Fluid.xml, semblance-preview.jpg

Then i put the rest of the semblance folder files (inside contain folders of buttons, misc, semblance,statusicon) inside the public_html/cpstyles/semblance.

Then, go to adminCP>template> upload the fluid.xml browsing from the server (wasn't successful), therefore i upload using the computer option directly. the skin load up but icons and stuff don't.

the only thing i change was like you direction, editing the banner.gif and replace it with my created banner.

Am I doing anything wrong? please help!
Please pm us your url. We'll take a look at your specific problem.
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